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Students: Samuel Barton, John Couch, Christina Costello, Zachary Landry, Alex Weeman

Students at MCSCBeta Port, loosely modeled on the city of Portland, is a cyber security exercise environment. Students architected the Beta Port infrastructure used in the Collaboratory cyber security simulation pictured above.

Vulnerability Assessment

Students: Tyler LaBerge, Vincent Orlando

Vulnerability Assessment participantsStudents work to detect and map vulnerable networks with low or no encryption. This includes "war driving" around town with a wifi antenna listening for networks.


Students: Storme Charette, Lily Marvin, Nickolas Spear, Katrina Sabochick

A virtual city simulation in METI METI (Metropolitan Event Training Interface) is an interactive map of a city. It’s purpose is to simulate real-world events such as natural disasters, accidents, power outages, and malicious attacks.